about us

We are growing communities of men, women and children who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gospel centred / evangelical church

The gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection is central to all that we believe, teach and do.

Bible based church

The Bible is where we hear the voice of God. The Holy Spirit powerfully uses that word to make us more like Jesus.

Mission minded church

Jesus died to demonstrate God’s love and has been raised with all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore our passion is glorify God by being disciples who make disciples.

United in Christ

We are a Presbyterian church who believe our focus on Christ is what matters most. We come from a variety of church backgrounds. Some of us have no previous church at all.

All Ages

We have a wide age range which helps healthy relationships.

We’re very thankful for that.

What should you expect on Sunday mornings?

Expect to engage with God and be nourished in Christ.

Our congregations have a fresh feel and genuinely welcoming people.

The Bible is read and the teaching is solid and engaging.

The singing is joyful and Christ-focused.

We pray and hear what’s happening in our church life.

The kids enjoy what’s on for them.

We share communion.

Afterwards the conversation is encouraging and the coffee not bad.

Our Ministers

Alan Radloff is married to Niki and they’ve been blessed with six children. He trained at Moore Theological College and has been ministering at Christ Church for ten years.

Adam Gregory is married to Megan, is the father of three and previously served at The Lakes Evangelical Church.

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Dan Gorton is married to Adena, is the father of four and studied at Queensland Theological College.